It has finally happened!  For years I have been banging the drum for the NASCAR Hall of Fame to form a Veterans committee so that, when the time comes, the voters will know which of the older drivers should go in, in which order.

To their credit, they now have.  A new Honors Committee will provide the names for the Pioneer Ballot; which will induct one member a year.  I like that.

The Modern Era, which is participant from the last 60 years, will get two members in a year.  That part, I'm not quite as enthused about.  Why do we have do have three folks, and only three folks, go in annually?  Why can't it be two, or in some cases, six; depending on who is newly eligible that year?

I prefer the idea that each person votes for, no more than, four people.  And, anyone who gets 75% of the vote gets in.  Some years those choices may be easy; others, it may be hard to find more than one person considered Hall-worthy.

Either way, we do know that some of the folks who got this whole NASCAR thing started will have a place.  And, that's an education every fan needs.