I had one of those moments last Saturday night where you stop and wonder where the time has gone.  During all the social media angst about all the commercials NBC was playing, I tweeted out that no one seemed to be complaining about being able to watch the race for free!

For the next half-hour, while I learned how much folks are paying monthly for cable and satellite, it dawned on this old guy that people really don't know that there are actually TV channels you don't need to pay for. They are your local affiliates.

Cable and satellite are a choice you make. I'm happy to make it, as are many race fans across the country. But, I find it somewhat ironic that folks are complaining about too many commercials in a sport that is basically one big continuous commercial. Haven't you noticed what's on the cars?

Covering races live on TV and radio is not cheap; if you're going to do it right, that is. And, sponsors offset the cost. If you prefer your coverage uninterrupted, maybe you'd be willing to dole out, say, $600 a year for pay-per-view.

Or, better yet, actually go to the track! They'd love to have you. Yeah, but then you'd complain about the cost of the ticket and a soda and the guy sitting next to you.