This whole laser inspection thing has my head just spinning.  On one hand, I want NASCAR to have some control on the guys who try and get creative with the car bodies.  On the other hand, the last thing I want to be talking about during the playoffs is lasers and microscopic measurements.

And, NASCAR agrees, they want us talking about the racing; and it took us too long to get this level of transparency for me to suggest that they not announce minor penalties.  But, we've got a problem here, and telling us that the garage has asked for these minute inspections doesn't resonate with the fans.  The only times they want to hear anything about lasers is when it relates to eye surgery and weaponry on shark's heads.

We're heading towards a potentially flammable situation in Homestead; should the champion fail post-race LIS inspection of the minor variety.

At least it will keep the fans engaged through the holidays.