We kind of suspected that this year was going to be like a new lease on life for Kyle Busch.  After all the drama of last year; not knowing if he was going to be back with Joe Gibbs or not, he landed with a new team that seemed excited to have him.

He seemed happy too.  Despite that, folks were questioning whether or not he was done.  Whether or not the downward slide of the last few years was a trend and not a blip.

Those doubters only motivated Rowdy.  And, many of us pointed out that a motivated and happy Kyle Busch is a dangerous Kyle Busch.

We’re now just passed the halfway point of the regular season and Busch is tied for the regular season lead in wins with three.  And, he’s still happy!

And, he’s not getting booed nearly as much!  What?  He’s not old enough to be an elder statesman yet.  Maybe just driving for Richard Childress has won over some of the hardcore anti-Kyle fans.

He’s also all alone in 9th on the all-time wins list with 63.  Dale Earnhardt is next at 76.  Suddenly, Kyle Busch at 38, doesn’t look like a long-shot to catch him.