Never underestimate the power of TV in today's sports landscape.  That power was on full display in Daytona last weekend.

And, let me preface my comments by pointing out that the influence is everywhere.  Not just in NASCAR.  And, across the board, that influence is paid for.  The truth is, many sports make so much money from TV that they really don't need fans in the stands.

TV is the reason we quit running the Firecracker 400 mid-morning; before the daily afternoon showers rolled in.

On this occasion, NBC made no secret of the fact they didn't want their return to NASCAR to happen on a Saturday night (when viewership is at its lowest) on the 4th of July (when even more folks would be away from their sets watching fireworks and many of their affiliates would be showing their local fireworks shows rather than the race).

So, we ended up with a Sunday night show before a workday for many.  It worked out great for fans on the west coast who got to see the race live in primetime. 

My guess is that NBC really didn't want to come back Monday morning at a time many of their affiliates run more profitable local programming; and could have opted not to show the race.  So, maybe those cable channels aren't such a bad idea after all.

Bottom line: it's the world we live in.  And, before you complain, ask yourself if you'd rather see all the races or just a few each year; like it was before TV showed up with all their money.