If you wanted college basketball's championship game this week, you saw what can happen when the officials take over a game.  It gets ugly and nearly unwatchable and leads to a product that satisfies no one.

For all the criticism that NASCAR gets from fans for debris cautions and pit road penalties, the officials have actually worked hard over recent years to become more transparent about those calls and to add technology to help make those calls more black and white.

Listen to the NASCAR channel on your scanner next time you get the chance.  You'll hear them frequently responding to driver claims of "huge pieces of debris in the racing groove" and checking with their officials around the track to confirm the validity of the claim. 

And now, before a pit road penalty is handed out, the video has been reviewed multiple times. 

If you ever want to complain about the way NASCAR officiates, it could be worse, it could be like golf…where, fans get to chime in from their sofas and have the ruling body listen!  Can you imagine?