Every year has its moments that stand out.  The ones that we'll remember for years to come.  And the ones that we'll look back on years later and realize were watershed moments.

In 2018, both of those categories may have been covered in the same event.  The Roval.  The finish was memorable to say the least.  For me, it brought back memories of the 1976 Daytona 500 with David Pearson and Richard Petty wrecking coming to the finish line.

It was also an event that also gave folks a different way of looking at second dates at tracks.  Or just simply will get folks thinking outside of the box.

But, there was also another event that could be the watershed moment depending on how things play out: the All-Star race.  Depending on how the new aero package works out, that could be the day that got folks excited about using the kind of downforce that may result in better racing.