Why wouldn’t the playoffs start off just as crazy as the regular season has been?

It’s been another one of those years where you couldn’t tell from one week to the next who was going to be good.  And, some weeks, those who you expected to be good, were surprisingly bad.

But, the one common denominator that has run throughout the season is: the margin for error is so small that a driver and his team need to be perfect on pit road.  And, we certainly saw that play out at Darlington.

One championship contender after another suffered a glitch on pit road that cost them dearly by the time the checkered flag flew.

Now, the pressure amps up; for those teams especially.  They can’t afford to have more miscues this week…or next, and expect to continue in the playoffs.  They should be used to it, it’s been like this all year.  There’s just a little more on the line right now.