Kyle Larson has certainly had a great year, one that he’ll remember for a long time, whether he wins the championship or not.

            And, that’s something important to keep in mind.  Under the current format, which NASCAR adopted to ensure championship drama lasts through the final race of the season, nothing is guaranteed.  It’s just like every other one and done sport out there.  The NFL, college basketball, most of the Olympic sports; there is no guarantee that the team or person who has been the best all year, will also be the champion.  And, that’s okay, because you know the rules going in.

            But, as good as Larson’s year has been, I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon proclaiming it “one of the greatest of all-time”.  Nine wins is impressive.  Kevin Harvick won nine last year.

            All those laps led are impressive.  But, that can be a mis-leading star.  If you lead every lap at Bristol and I lead every lap at Sonoma, we both get one impressive win; but you get credit for 408 more laps led than I do.

            Larson’s 2021 will go down as a wonderful comeback story and the story of a driver finally living up to all the potential folks said he had.  But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves in praise of his accomplishments