Years ago a friend who worked in the automobile industry told me of a saying (that I will clean up), "there's a butt for every seat". You see an ugly car o the road and think, 'who would buy that?', well, someone did.  In other words, there are a lot of different opinions out there.

While there are a lot of good things about today's world of social media and talk radio, there are some downsides too.  One of them is the constant dueling of opinions on the same subject that, frankly, become tiresome.

For years we hear from the folks who can't understand why NASCAR doesn't run in the rain.  After Mid-Ohio, all we've heard is, "what were you thinking, running in the rain?"

Friday night at Bristol, Kyle Busch failed to stop and talk to the media after his wreck; a sin he was subsequently roasted for.  Sunday postrace, he was roasted for what he said when he stopped and talked to the media.

So which one is it?  Run in the rain or not?  Stop and talk or not?  Talk, but don't say anything controversial or show emotion and personality?

Life would be boring if we all agreed on everything.  And, the debate can be fun.  But, maybe it could come with a little less venom and a little more leeway on both sides.