I wanted to take a minute to send prayers Buddy Baker's way as he battles lung cancer.  I've known Buddy for more than 35 years and consider him a friend. 

His battle also should serve as a reminder that we're losing the folks who were around for the early days of NASCAR.  And, to my knowledge, the Hall of Fame has never put together a veterans committee to help educate the voters on whos and whys of those early days.

I don't have a vote at the Hall, but, having covered the sport since the late-70s, have more chronological experience than most in the room.  And, yet, that still leaves me with a huge hole in my knowledge base; around 30 years worth.

I don't know if Red Byron should go in before Tiny Lund.  Or if Holman and Moody should go in before Carl Kiekhaefer.  But there are folks who do. 

There needs to be a committee of those folks who can give us an order that these pioneers should be considered in.  And, it needs to be formed soon; before we lost those who know these folks as more than stats.