Here we go.

It’s time to crank up another season.  As usual, it officially starts with the Daytona 500. Though, this year it feels a little different since the Clash got so much more attention than it usually gets.

But, the simple fact is: almost everything in the off-season points towar.ds getting ready for the 500.  It is the biggest, most prestigious race of the NASCAR season.

As a result, we’re going to see a lot of emotion (positive and negative) during and after the event.  And, at times, it gets a bit overblown due to the importance of the event.

But, as you watch, remember this: ultimately, it’s only one of 26.  It counts the same as the other 26 races in the regular season.  When the haulers pull out of Daytona, the rest of the season starts.

Only one driver will have a playoff spot clinched.  For everyone else, the grind to November will just be beginning.