There has been no greater advocate for shorter races than I.  The NFL model is 3:15 max. 

But, when it comes to the tradition of the Coca Cola 600, I will stand steadfast that this is one race that should keep its current distance regardless of how long it takes to run it.  To me, it's about tradition. 

The 600 is one of NASCAR's crown jewels.  And, while it is no longer the ultimate test of man and machine it used to be, it is still a test unlike any other.

The machine part has changed, but the man part remains, more so on the pit crews than ever before.  Each crew makes, probably, two more stops than they would have in a 500-mile event.  That's two more chances for an error that could cost their team the race…whether it be a dropped lug nut or speeding.

Kyle Busch's team was flawless in this year's 600; Martin Truex, Jr. would like to have found out what would have happened had he and his team been the same.

No, there wasn't a lot of drama in this year's 600.  But sports are like that.  Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't.  No one at the Virginia/UMBC NCAA Tournament game thought they were going to get drama.  They got that and history.