We are in the entertainment business.  That's always something we should remember as we evaluate new ideas aimed at increasing interest in the sport.

But, one thing I am concerned about whenever a new idea comes up is the need to compare it to other team sports.  The simple fact is: racing is not like other team sports.  And, it is a team sport.

First off, in pretty much every other team sport, when they compete, at the end of the day, there's one winner and one loser.  Moral victories aside, on its simplest level, when the Sprint Cup teams take to the track, there will be one winner and 42 losers.

All the best teams are on the same field of play at the same time.

There are never any home games (despite what Hendrick Motorsports may say about Charlotte Motor Speedway).

As a result of the last two points, there is rarely an instance in which the majority of fans are cheering for you.  So, there really aren't opportunities to feed off any crowd energy.

And, this is a big differentiator.  NASCAR teams may represent nations, but they don't represent cities.  And, those nations are rarely together en masse, so most accomplishments are celebrated inside of small bubbles rather than large public events.