Is Ross Chastain really the proverbial “bull in the china shop”; uncontrolled wild man that he’s being made out to be?  Or is something else at work here?

I believe something else is at work; and it’s a time-honored tradition.

The last thing the veterans want to see is another driver they’re going to have to compete with for wins.  So, they play these head games.  If the new, young driver is even a little aggressive, the vets will be quick to criticize him and talk about how he needs to settle down and understand his place.

If the new guy does that, the veteran has won.

Ross Chastain is driving the best equipment he’s ever been in.  There is a learning curve that goes with understanding how to manage that.  Has he made mistakes?  Yes, he even admits it?  As many as he’s being blamed for?  I don’t believe so.

Chastain is a likeable guy who has been easy to root for this year.  He has arguably been the most consistent driver in the Cup Series this year.  He’s paid by Trackhouse to win races; not populate Christmas Card lists.  If he ruffles a few feathers along the way; that just goes with the territory when you move up to contender status.