It’s turned out better than just about anyone imagined.  The re-imagined Atlanta Motor Speedway has delivered, I believe, better than expected racing since the track was re-paved and turned into a mile-and-a-half version of Daytona and Talladega.

The drivers fought the re-pave of Atlanta for years; but, despite their claims, it had also been years since we saw really good racing there.  And, it needed to be re-paved.

But, Speedway Motorsports did more than just re-pave.  They built a new track within the same footprint.  Oh, there were detractors.  The only thing they’re howling about now is that the race got cut short of the advertised distance.

Races in Atlanta are turning into some of the must-see events of the year.  There is side-by-side racing; two and three-wide throughout the field, throughout the race.  It’s riveting to watch.

I have just one request as we imagine the future: let’s not start with the copycats.  One of these mile-and-a-half superspeedways is enough.  It’s cool because it’s unique.  Don’t water down the product.