I doubt we’re going to get one of these two week breaks every year going forward, but I have to be honest; it’s been pretty nice.  For a sport whose season runs from early-February to mid-November, a change in the routine has been refreshing.

We’ve heard a lot of the drivers and crews talk about the rarity of being able to enjoy a real summer vacation with their families.  That’s something they never really get.  When you get right down to it, it’s hard to get a full week of vacation when you need to allow for a rain delay at one end, and be back in time to prepare for the next race at the other.

Hopefully, we’re going to see drivers and teams show up at Watkins Glen re-energized and ready to roll into the home stretch of the regular season.

Now, I want to be perfectly transparent here and admit that not everyone enjoyed the two-week break.  There are some fans who found it incredibly boring …so much so that they’ve taken to the warpath, attacking NASCAR’s possible plan of moving the numbers on the sides of the cars.


Haven’t seen it yet, but they hate it.  It’s certainly not going to affect the racing, but they still hate it anyway.  Like I said, bored.

So, in the future, we’ll cap the break at two weeks, for those of us who are able to find other things to do.