This week we hit the 1/3 post of the regular season.  How much did we think we’d know about the new car by now?

I think that, going into the season, he popular theory was that it would be the Coke 600 on Memorial Day weekend before we’d have a solid baseline on the car.  I think that’s still likely true.

It’s been pretty racy on the intermediate tracks and the one road course we’ve run.  The two short tracks though…ehh.  But, especially with Martinsville, there may have been extenuating factors.

And, as expected, some teams have been clearly ahead of others on the learning curve.  The biggest surprise of which is Trackhouse Racing.  What a feel-good story they’ve been.

Between now and the 600, we have a dirt race, Talladega and a bunch of intermediate tracks.  The 600 marks the start of the second half of the regular season.  I still believe we’ll have a lot clearer picture of things when we get there.