This week, NASCAR will try to remedy one of the biggest insults they've ever hurled at long-time fans.  They'll return to Darlington on Labor Day weekend.

As the sport has expanded outside of its southeastern base, there have been plenty of times that tradition got set aside for progress.  Traditional stops like North Wilkesboro and Rockingham have been abandoned for bigger, sexier markets like Dallas/Ft. Worth, Kansas City and Chicagoland.

Honestly, that's what happens when professional leagues grow.  Then NFL doesn't play in places like Canton and Decatur anymore.  And, the NBA left the likes of Ft. Wayne and Tri-Cities years ago.

But there are some things that don't need to change.  Traditions.  And, that's where NASCAR made its big gaffe in Darlington.  Cut Darlington down to one date if you must; but there were plenty of us who suspected a Labor Day date would never generate any special feelings in southern California.

The only special feelings the move generated were among long-time fans, and they were anger.

Now, it's back to where it belongs.  And, let's hope NASCAR has learned its lesson.