The thing we love about sports is the uncertainty.  One day we're stunned to see two caution-free stages at Richmond; a couple of days later, Matt Kenseth pops back into the spotlight.  Hadn't thought about him, had you?

While Kenseth isn't returning to a full-time ride, I think it's going to be in a position where he may have a chance to win; but will have a bigger role in helping Roush Fenway continue getting the ship turned and righted.

You can't put into words what that organization lost when, first, Kenseth, then Carl Edwards left.  Veteran leadership and great knowledge of how to set up race cars for each track.  As we've seen Ricky Stenhouse show some improvement this year, you have to wonder if he's basically operating as a single car team.  As nice a kid as Trevor Bayne is, is he bringing anything in the feedback department?  His on-track results would seem to indicate, no.

So, this could be a win-win.  Roush Fenway gets some valuable wisdom, and Kenseth, who didn't really want to step away from the sport, gets to come back, and still get to spend some time with the family.