I'm really interested to see how the next three races in the Chase go.  So far, it's been pretty much according to plan.  Three teams that have been among the strongest all year, won the races.  And, for the most part, the folks you expected to make it into the top 12, did.

Now, though, everything they've all accomplished this year is out the window.  The pressure is really on; especially the next two weeks, as I wouldn't want to have to rely on a top-10 finish at Talladega to move on.

To me, the Contender Round is the real dividing point.  If you're one of those guys who has run up front all year, and you fail to make it into the final 8, the year is going to end up being a disappointment.  And, that could happen.

On the flip side, if you've had a disappointing season, you can make it all go away by making the Eliminator Eight.

So, I see the real pressure on the guys who have been the leaders all year.  Especially with Talladega in this round, any bobble in the first two races could have serious consequences.

Buckle up; it could get really wild.