Denny Hamlin Is having fun.  Does he sounds arrogant and cocky while doing so?  Sure.  But, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Is he poking the bear…the fans booing him after his wins?  Absolutely.  He’s playing the villain; and sports need villains.

It’s good for a sport to have guys who don’t mid wearing the black hat.  Guys who embrace the boo.  You want people who evoke emotion one way or another.  There are very few in neutral territory when you start talking about the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox or Lebron James.  People may hate them, but they tune-in to root for whomever they’re playing against.

RIght now, in NASCAR, that guy is Denny Hamlin.  And, he’s just fine with it.  Because, if you’re booing him after a race, it means he just beat your driver.