We've heard a lot from Brian France over the years about wanting to create Game 7 moments in the Chase.  And, with the new format, there's a pretty good chance that's going to happen.

But, the thing that makes Game 7 moments special is that they don't happen all the time.  And, they're much better when they happen naturally.

This past weekend's U.S. Open was a perfect example.  As unappealing as the Chambers Bay was on TV, it still produced high drama over the last 9 holes of the final round.  The seemingly constant swing in emotion over the closing holes was intoxicating as Jordan Spieth, first, came back to the pack with a double bogey on 17, then watched as Dustin Johnson's three-putt par on 18 cost him a chance to win or force a playoff.

That was a finish that we'll always remember.  And, we had a finish like that in NASCAR last year, as Kevin Harvick had to win the final race to win the title.  Will it happen like that again this year?  With the current Chase format, there's a chance.  But, if it becomes a yearly occurrence, the question becomes, will it lessen the emotional impact?