Now the tough part begins for Furniture Row.

After spending most of this season knocking on the door to Victory Lane, they finally kicked it in at Pocono.  From top to bottom, they've been performing at a high level.  They've been united in a goal most had never achieved; to be in Victory Lane at a Sprint Cup race.

The challenge for crew chief Cole Pearn now is to keep them performing at that level. 

When you've worked as long and hard towards a goal as the Furniture Row guys have, it's human nature to have a letdown once you've achieved it.  And, with the current NASCAR championship system, knowing that you've clinched a spot in the Chase, makes avoiding a letdown even tougher.

They have been performing at a championship level for the last month, the key is convincing them that any letdown could cost them momentum and, ultimately, a shot at the biggest prize.

After all, championships are won by teams that enter each week with the attitude that what they've done so far isn't good enough.