NASCAR's state goal in the Chase has been to create Game 7 moments. The problem is: Game 7s don't happen every year. That's what makes them special.

So, now we have a one race/winner-take-all championship. That should guarantee "edge of your seat" thrills right down to the last lap. Right?

Not necessarily.

For evidence, I present the Super Bowl. Any drama that remained was zapped by Seattle on the opening kickoff of the second half. And, yet, I haven't heard a clamoring for the NFL to hange how they determine their champion. Have you?

Of all the changes to the Chase, the one that concerns me most is the one race/winner-take-all for the title. How often during the year do we talk about the best car not winning a race? Now you're going to crown your champion that way?

I don't like it for the same reasons I don't want to see the finale at Daytona or Talladega: they're wild cards. The chances of something happening to any individual driver that has no control over are much greater than any other week.

The same thing applies here. And, the door is opened for some gamesmanship, a la Richmond, on pit road or on the track.

If Homestead is all about the four drivers for the title, why are the other 39 cars out there? Make it a 200-mile race with just the four title contenders, and I'd be more onboard with the concept.