I'm not sure I had ever heard Kurt Busch get cheered at Charlotte Motor Speedway. But, that was exactly the reaction he got when he hopped out of the helicopter on the infield less than an hour and a half after he finished 6th in the Indy 500.

Having someone, once again, attempt the Indy/Charlotte double was good for both series. Not only did it amp up the Indy car and NASCAR fans' interest in the other's race; it got non-race fans watching as well.

It was probably good for Kurt Busch too. By all accounts, good Kurt spent the month of May in Indy. Even after a practice crash, it was still good Kurt addressing the media. They found him to be almost charming. We see that Kurt too, occasionally. But, we also see bad Kurt show up plenty as well. But, as long as bad Kurt stays in the car when Kurt gets out, that's between him and his team.

And, speaking of his team; now that Kurt's bucket list indulgence is over, he needs to thank his team for working through the distraction and commit to be 100% focused on his Cup effort for the rest of the year. They need that because frankly, since that win at Martinsville, the 41 team has been awful.