I know there are plenty of folks who are happy there will not be an 8th championship for Jimmie Johnson this year.  Many of them just because they don't want to see him pass Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt.

I'm not upset about it either, but for a different reason.  Johnson blew his chance to an 8th title this year racing for a win.  And, I'm never gaping to fault a guy for that.

Johnson said after Sunday's Bank of American Roval 400 that he knew the math on the closing laps of the race.  He knew he was above the cut line.  But, instead of playing it safe and settling for second, he thought he had a shot at the win and went for it.  Of course, he never imagined it would turn out the way it did.  But, he understands the risk he took and the ultimate price he paid.

Over the nearly 20 years we've done this show, the number of times we've criticized drivers for being satisfied with good points days has to number in the thousands.  What Johnson did is what we want.  Love him or hate him, admire him.  he took the road less traveled, then stood there like the class act he is and took the heat.