I find the Hall of Fame debate regarding car owners interesting.  There is no doubt that the likes of Rick Hendrick and Richard Childress belong in the Hall, but there are two very distinct positions on this subject and until the "No" side budges.

Their argument is: these gentlemen are still actively involved in the sport and they don't believe that someone who is actively involved should be inducted.

My counter to that is: car owners and track operators are different animals.  In many cases, they'll be a part of the sport until the day they die.  Why not celebrate their contributions while they are still alive?

The Golf Hall of Fame includes players who are still active on the professional tours.  The Basketball Hall of Fame includes coaches who are still active.

How is this different?

Richard Petty is still active in the sport, and he was, deservedly, in the first induction class.  Yes, he was inducted as a driver not as a car owner.  So, where do we draw the "active" line?  Are Hall of Famers who move to the TV booth still active in the sport?  I would argue that they are.

Let's all get on board here and induct some of these contributors while they can enjoy the recognition.  By the way, it would be a win for the Hall too; folks who are alive to help promote the facility.