I'm liking this western swing.  It's a good way for NASCAR to really get the season up to speed without weather worries (except apparently in Phoenix), and gives fans in an under-served part of the country a good chance to get out and see their favorite drivers.

We've seen good crowds at all three tracks.  I don't believe having these dates on consecutive weeks in cannibalizing each other.  I find that the fans at Phoenix and Fontana are, for the most part, locals, while the Vegas fans come from farther distances, making it a destination trip.

The teams seem to have adapted; the biggest negative being that any major adjustments they've wanted to make are harder to do since most are across the country from their shops.

There is good news for the western fans this year, as they'll get one more chance to see NASCAR this year, with the second Las Vegas date.  And, with Sonoma in June, Vegas in September and Phoenix in November, a chance to see multiple races becomes a lot more affordable.