By and large, we’re big-hearted people.  We like giving people second chances.  Especially when they’re honestly contrite regarding their previous actions.

Therein lies the story of Kyle Larson 2021. 

He’s a young man who made a big mistake, among what could have been a conversation among a small group of friends.  It cost him a lot.

Given a second chance, Larson undoubtedly made the most of it.  Did his talent help get him a quality ride?  Absolutely. 

But he has consistently been appreciative throughout this 10-win championship campaign.  I thought his comment, in his postrace press conference at Phoenix, where he expressed his appreciation to NASCAR, acknowledging that they have every reason to keep him from returning to the sport, showed just how much he grew from last year’s experience.

Now, I think he’ll be a great champion; especially as an ambassador who reaches fans of all kinds of motorsports.