New ideas don’t always work out the first time. 

NASCAR has tried some new ideas this year; and was roundly praised for doing so.  I don’t think you’re going to see them quit on any of them, despite the mixed bag of success we’ve seen.

The dirt race at Bristol and the race at Circuit of the Americas were both hampered by weather.  So, it’s really not fair to give either more than an incomplete.  COTA, especially, had all the makings of being a huge success before Mother Nature intervened.

The Fourth of July weekend at Road America was a smashing success.

There were a few issues outside the track at the Nashville Speedway, but inside, things were a success.

And, it appeared things were headed towards success at the Brickyard until the late stages.

So, do you want NASCAR to stop trying new things because things didn’t go perfectly?  Not at all.  None of them were total failures.  Evaluate, learn, adjust; and just maybe they turn out to have been pretty good ideas all along.