Fair.  When I would tell my parents that I didn’t believe something was fair, their pat response was always “life isn’t fair”.

Over the next month, I fully expect to hear a chorus of how unfair NASCAR is.  Chances are pretty good that we could have either a second place finisher in points miss the playoffs, or a winner not make the playoffs because we have more than 16 winners.  Either way, some fans will howl.

Howl all you want.  Winning matters most.  And, it should.

You lead all but one lap and finish second, you’re not standing there talking about your great day while someone else is doing a burnout and collecting the big trophy.  You’re ticked off.

And, oh by the way, consistency does still matter.  If we get 17 winners, the winner lowest in points is the one who will get knocked out.

Fair?  Everyone knew what the rules were when the season started and they haven’t changed.  As long as the playing field stays level, that’s fair.