It doesn't surprise me.  Its the way we are.  And, it's not just NASCAR fans, its any sports fans.

Reaction is all about who is involved and who you have a passion for.  That's why two of us rooting for different teams can listen to the same announcer and both of us feel like he's biased towards the other team.  So, as announcers, we always take the slant, the if both sides are mad at us, we must be doing something right.

That brings me to the end of the Martinsville race.  Was the move Joey Logano made the right or wrong way to win a race?  It all depends on how you feel about Logano...or Martin Trues, Jr.

I maintain that if it had been Chase Elliott instead of Logano, a vast number of fane would be calling it the "move of the year", and praising Elliott for not wrecking Truex.  Kyle Busch instead of Logano, fans would want the win taken away and Busch kicked out of the playoffs.

See, it's all perspective.  So, aren't you glad you have folk like us to dial it back for you?