Human nature is a funny thing.  When Kyle Larson won his first race this year, it was a feel good story of “taking advantage of second chances”.  Now that he’s had three wins and four seconds in the last eight points races (and was one turn away from a fourth win), folks are beginning to turn.

In general, when someone is as dominant as Larson has been lately, people get tired of their winning quickly.  We are getting there.

And, while I certainly understand why fans get upset when their driver isn’t running up front and someone else is week-after-week, that irritation often clouds our view.

This is becoming a hot streak of historical proportions.  Much like, when Jimmie Johnson was winning five straight titles, we used to talk about appreciating the excellence regardless of whether or not you were a Johnson fan, the same thing applies here.

Kyle Larson had three dominant points-paying races in a row, and won all three.  Appreciate the excellence.  Streaks like this don’t come along very often. 

It also doesn’t guarantee it will continue, or lead to a title…sports are fickle like that…just ask Kevin Harvick.