There has been a lot made of Kyle Busch egging the crowd on after his Saturday night win at Bristol.  I'm going to be honest with you; I loved it.

The best thing that can happen in any type of competitive situation is to have a good guy and a bad guy.  While being the "bad" guy, and getting booed, has eaten away at many drivers over the years, Kyle Busch has embraced wearing the black hat.

A lot of the longtime NASCAR fans have forgotten that Dale Earnhardt was far from universally loved and got booed by many.  But, he understood, and told Jeff Gordon at the time, that the boos are a good thing, it means people know who you are.

Along those same lines, I saw a documentary years ago in which a TV game show producer said, "the worst thing you can have in a contestant is someone who evokes no emotion."  In other words, folks will still tune in to see if the contestant they hate can get beat.

And, that brings us back to Kyle Busch.  You may not have noticed, but the number of fans wearing M&Ms gear has increased significantly over the last few years.  So, he's not universally hated.

But, then again, neither are the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox.  Yet, you'll find very few people who are neutral when it comes to them.