All that was missing from Bristol last weekend was Russell Crowe on Colossus, hovering over the track asking, “are you not entertained?”

How could you not be after three nights of great racing?

There’s been a lot of debate in recent years about whether or not the “old” Bristol was better than what we have now.  I honestly believe that folks don’t know exactly what they’re asking for in the “old” Bristol.  They just remembered guys bumping into each other and throwing stuff at one another after the race.

Well?  There you go.

Add in the drama of what was at take playoff-wise in each of the series, and the move of the Bristol Night Race into the playoffs has been one of the more slick scheduling changes in recent years. 

Does it mean they should dump the dirt race in the spring?  No.  It’s worth another shot.

Under the lights and the spot on the schedule had a lot to do with what we just saw.  You can’t go to that well too many times.