There's nothing quite like watching someone really enjoy themselves in Victory Lane.

Often, when someone wins a lot, they start treating their trips to Victory Lane like part of the job.  Trips to Victory Lane are met more with relief than with celebration.

Joey Logano is one of those guys having a blast.  He is the perfect example of the old axiom that there is no greater burden than great potential.  The spark he got moving to Penske is allowing him to show some of talent that got him dubbed Sliced Bread.

And, he's really enoying himself.  You rarely see him without a smile.  Outwardly, at least, he's keeping a positive attitude and, in Victory Lane at New Hampshire, seemed amazed at the success he's having this year and that he now has four wins. 

Bottom line, he's in a pretty good place.  He's finally having the expected success on the track, he's getting married in December and has a decent chance of doing that as the Sprint Cup champion.