Things can be handled professionally.  No one expected Tyler Reddick to just lay down because he’s leaving Richard Childress Racing after next season.  And, while I heard a lot of people question how committed the team would be to him in the interim, I never doubted they’d give their best as long as there were championships to win.

I don’t know how you can watch what Reddick and that team did at Indianapolis and think anything different.

Reddick’s determination to win was evident, and his crew was on the money all day.

Being among them after the race, when they first had a chance to celebrated, I saw genuine happiness.  High-fives, hugs for Reddick and the kind of emotion you would expect to see after a win of that magnitude.

They were a professional team.  All of them. And, the way they’re running now, they know they have a shot at making a run deep into the playoffs.  Why would you let Reddick’s future plans get in the way?  Years like this are too hard to come by.