There has been a lot said about Danica Patrick's post-wreck interview at Kansas.  I'm not going to get into what she said, the important thing to me is that she said it.  And, that's what makes this sport different from just about any other.

When you compare NASCAR to other sports, we, in the media, have a lot more access to the participants period.  But what really sets us apart is the access we have while emotions are still raw.  I don't ever want to see that taken away.  Nor should you.

You'll always get to see the emotions of the winners in other sports, but the non-winners?  They get to hide behind locker room doors for 10-20 minutes after the game.  Then, if they haven't ducked out the back when the doors open, they may ide in the showers for anther 10.

Think you get any emotion at that point?

So, complain if you like, but don't ask for change.  And, don't then tell me the drivers need more personality.