What did you expect?

           Race car drivers didn’t get to the top of their sport by being passive once they got behind the wheel.  Nor are they, by nature, generous and giving when they’re behind the wheel.

            In fact, despite this being a team sport, when the driver is behind the wheel, they are focused on the best interest in one person and one person only.  Themselves.

            So put them in a bandbox where contact is accepted, crank up the heat, and tell some of them that the only way they stay alive for the championship is to win…what did you expet to happen?

            Their true natures came out.  Brad Keselowski toed the line of acceptable contact as he tried to get to the front.  That’s where he needed to be to advance.  Chase Elliott showed that you don’t have to be Kevin Harvick to get on his bad side and get retaliation.  Denny Hamlin thought seniority should put him in the “do not touch” category and Kyle Busch…well, you know how Kyle is if he doesn’t win.

            The shame is: all that mess is getting the attention leading up to the Championship Weekend.  Not the drivers running for their respective titles.  But, I’d bet there’s not one of you who would move Martinsville out of the penultimate race right now, would you?