Brian France's stated desire with the NASCAR playoffs is to finish the season with a Game 7 moment.  And, he has created that in the Homestead finale…all or nothing.

But, I believe, the best Game 7 moments are when they're unexpected.  Like this weekend at Phoenix.

Based on past history, you would expect to have, at least, 6 drivers competing for two spots in the finals.  Not this year.  Martin Truex, Jr., and his crew chief, Cole Pearn, snookered the competition so much with the playoff and stage points throughout the year, that they are also guaranteed a spot in the finals without having to win in this round.

That means we'll have 5 drivers competing for one spot.  One.  That is a Game 7 moment; and it's unexpected.  Jimmie Johnson and Chase Elliott know their only chance to advance is to win.  Danny Hamlin and Ryan Blaney are far enough back that they need to be aggressive, going for stage points.  That also means that Brad Keselowski can't exactly sit back and play it safe.

It will be high drama with the reward being a chance to play another Game 7 next week.