I'm looking forward to next year when the playoffs will begin in Las Vegas.  I think there's going to be a different level of excitement than we've had in Chicagoland.

And, don't try to tell me that the racing isn't going to be as good.  Really?  After what we saw last weekend, that's not a real high bar.

Las Vegas already presents us with a festive atmosphere.  And, like Chicagoland, will be hosting a triple-header weekend. 

I think we're also going to see full stands in Las Vegas.  I believe it may be the one place somewhat immune from the "second date attendance drop".  Las Vegas is unique in that it's a destination; there are other things to do there other than go to the track.  That works well, because it means you don't need a huge portion of your crowd to be local.

This also gives Chicagoland a chance to grow in its new date; away from the start of the NFL season and baseball pennant chases.