We are now in the busiest time of the sports calendar.  The NFL and college football are in full-swing.  The baseball playoffs are starting, NBA camps are opening and, next week, the NHL regular season starts.

NASCAR?  We’re battling for a place in the sports spotlight as we enter our Round of 8 of the playoffs.

A couple of weeks ago, Kim Coon and Pete Pistone were batting around the idea of NASCAR wrapping up its season by Labor Day.  Sam Pridey from KINA in Salina, Kansas dropped us a line to let us know he likes that idea…especially since the NFL now takes that week off between the pre-season and regular season.

IndyCar isn’t far from accomplishing that, finishing in the middle of September.

It’s an interesting idea; and may get a lot of support in the garage area, as it would require the schedule to be cut down.  I don’t think anyone, for whom this is their livelihood, would mind some extra time off.

If it ever were to be done, now is the time.  Before the new TV deal is signed.

But, don’t get your hopes up (or too upset depending on which side you’re on), I’ve got a feeling there is a better chance of the schedule getting longer.