I've been advocating an off-week during the Chase; maybe after the first two rounds.  It would give everyone a chance to reset a little before the intensity of the final eight.

But, I have a hard time arguing about the break we're in now.  The Night Race at Bristol brings out enough emotion as it is; it doesn't need the extra fuel that was poured on fires last week.  So, the extra time away may give those flames a little time to die down.

With four races to go until the Chase there is a ton yet to be decided.  With Tony Stewart and Chris Buescher holding wins outside the top-16, that has really amped up the pressure on anyone who is winless and in that 11th-16th range.  None of them can afford another poor performance.  Nor can Buescher, who still needs to get to, and stay, in the top-30.

And, you've been able to feel the tension and frustration even at the top of the standings as the Toyotas continue to out-perform everyone except the Penske Fords.  The rest of the drivers and crews haven't been seen wearing many smiles lately.  They're certainly feeling the pressure; knowing that their margin for any error is extremely slim.

So, my hope is that everyone has gotten away, been able to get a change of scenery and recharge their batteries.  Because when they get to Bristol, they're going to need all the energy and patience they can muster.