Sometimes the stars just align.

Yes, there is a grassy knoll at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but the only shooter on it is holding a 5-iron; as it's the 7th hole of the golf course.

The fact that Jeff Gordon won his record 5th Brickyard 400 on the 20th Anniversary of his first, on Jeff Gordon Day in Indianapolis, was because he had the best car. By a long shot. No conspiracy theories needed.

It's not like this win came out of the blue. Gordon has been leading the points most of the year. Hendrick Motorsports now owns 9 Brickyards and Chevy the last 12.

But, this is a win-win-win win. As Gordon is becoming an elder statesman in the sport, his wins have become more popular. This is a good win for NASCAR.

Gordon's popularity (or lack of) has never been a problem in Indianapolis. No place we go is more provincial than Indiana. They love their native sons and daughters. To have one of their own become the winningest driver on the Brickyard oval is HUGE. Honestly, Gordon's win is one that could sell more tickets in Indy next year.

Lost in the hoopla surrounding Gordon's 5th Brickyard is the fact that it's also his 90th win. 90!!! More importantly for Gordon, is that it confirms that his 2014 first half is no fluke. He may be turning 43 next week, burt he has firmly established himself as a title favorite.
And, I'm pretty sure there aren't any grassy knolls in Homestead.