It may be a pipe dream, but I would still love to see a road course in the Chase.

Sonoma and Watkins Glen have become two of the more consistently entertaining races of the Cup season. And, if you want to look at Nationwide, their road course races have done the same.

During the "regular season" you're asking drivers to be proficient on all types of tracks; challenging drivers unlike any other racing series does.

So, why shouldn't our champion have to show the same skills?

The days of drivers going into a season knowing that they could afford to be bad in road course races is long gone. Especially if they're contending for a championship.

A road course ringer hasn't won one of these races in years. And, this year, just about disappeared from the starting line-ups.

For those who argue that those road course races become as much about pit strategy as anything else; what have we seen at Indianapolis and Pocono the last two weeks? Driving skill and fast cars still mean a lot.

The Chase should be representative of the schedule as a whole; and we have a restrictor plate race. You want to talk about wild cards? A road course race is almost predictable compared to one of those.