My favorite moment in the Netflix NASCAR series was when the producer was talking to Christopher Bell in, I believe, the third episode, explaining why he hadn’t been included in the show to that point.  The producer had to tell Bell that he was given a list of probable finalists.

Bell said, “I wasn’t on it, was I?”

The Producer said, “No.”

Bell responded, “Imagine that.”

I laughed out loud.  Credit to Bell for handling the snub with class.

Christopher Bell could be the most under-the-radar top-level driver in the Cup Series in recent years.  The guy has been in the Championship Four consecutive years and now has seven wins in NASCAR’s top series.

Only nine current full-time drivers have more wins than Bell; and he’s starting just his 5th season in Cup.

He also has one heck of a crew chief in Adam Stevens.

Bell may be a bit on the soft-spoken side , but don’t mistake that for soft on the track.  He’s shown himself to be intensively competitive.  I imagine, that the combination of Bell and Stevens will continue to become more than a blip on people’s radar.