When NASCAR's new TV deal was announced, the most often asked question surrounded ESPN's departure and what that will mean for NASCAR on SportsCenter. I fully expect that with the exception of a few major events, it will disappear.

The vast majority of SportsCenter anchors are stick and ball folks who have made just a passing effort at hiding their contempt over having to talk about that racing thing. It's not unusual to see them mis-pronounce drivers' names; but that doesn't happen when it comes to baseball.

So, what will the cost ultimately be for shunning the 900-pound gorilla that is ESPN? Good question. And, one we may not know the answer to for years.

NASCAR has been accused of making this TV deal all about the dollars. So? Why not?

If you can tell me what the media landscape will look like in 2025, let's head for Vegas. I mean, just look at how things have changed since the "new era" of TV started in 2001. Cable was considered an outpost in the TV universe, now, virtually every major sporting event has, at least, some presence on cable. Folks were just starting to understand the internet. Now, it's an important tool for all of us. And, could you have foreseen how quickly print media is disappearing from our lives?

The only constant in this world is change and, as an industry, you have to be nimble and ready to embrace new technologies. In the meantime, grab what you can and prepare for the unknown.