It's interesting how we mark the passage of time.  For me, not surprisingly, it runs through a sports calendar.

Last weekend, for instance, I remarked to my wife that it was the first Sunday since Labor Day without NFL games (the Pro Bowl doesn't count).  Labor Day, think about it, how long ago does that seem?  Heck, NASCAR's playoffs hadn't even started yet.

And, that brings me to NASCAR.  This will be, basically, the last weekend without NASCAR racing until a week and a half before Thanksgiving.

I'm not wishing my life away, but think about all that will transpire, not only on the track, but in our lives, before we get there.  There will be vacations, graduations and we'll pass completely through two seasons and be back to trees with no leaves.

In other words, it's a long ride.  Enjoy it.  Because as you get older, you'll find out that, what seems a long way away now, will be here before you know it.