The new Daytona Rising has been getting rave reviews from folks who were on hand for the 24 Hours last weekend.  Certainly, it's part of the continuing evolution of enhancing the fan experience.

It comes on the heels of the really big screen TVs, innovations like the Neon Garage in Las Vegas, and pre-race concerts.

They're all an acknowledgement that you can just open the gates, put on a race and expect everyone to leave happy.  Fans expect more for their entertainment dollar.

And, this is not just a NASCAR issue by any stretch of the imagination.  Every major sport is dealing with it.          

Just about every major event is on live TV or live on your computer.  That means, that while sitting on your sofa, with your favorite beverage within arms' length, most folks can watch them on their 40 or 50-inch TVs with surround sound. 

In other words, you have to be really motivated just to get off your sofa; not to mention, buy a ticket, sit in traffic, pay for parking and food.  Believe me, the promoters understand this, and are doing their best to give you those reasons.